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Industrial, Commercial and Retail

Systems for Industrial, Commercial and Retail applications are usually intended for a single task for which they must be designed and configured to meet the unique requirements of each application.

For example, systems for Industry often have to be installed in aggressive environments, or are carrying payloads with particular characteristics. Often heavy-duty with tailored controls, industrial systems are designed to be robust.

Within Retail, the most common application is for moving cash, and Quirepace offer two families of systems for this application depending on whether the system is for one-way or two-way operation. Special cash-handling systems are available with unique operator identification built upon our MINERVA control system. In other territories this equipment is often used for toll plazas on roads.

Systems for Commercial applications encompass the widest range of business applications, from moving dentist’s tools to decontamination rooms to butchery orders in meat wholesalers. Whatever the application, one of Quirepace’s systems will be the perfect fit.


“Cashline” Systems are 2-way systems specifically designed to carry cash from a trading floor to the secure area. These systems are particularly suited to department stores with distributed tills. Whereas Multicash Pneumatic Tube Systems are 1-way, Cashline is designed as…

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“Multicash” is a range of 1-way Pneumatic Tube Systems designed to quickly, efficiently, and securely clear cash from the trading floor directly to the cash office. These systems are particularly suited to supermarkets and other large retail organisations. “Multicash” can…

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“Diana” is the simplest Pneumatic Tube System Quirepace offer. It is a 2-way system designed to efficiently move a carrier from one point to another and finds diverse applications in all industry sectors. “Diana” consists of two stations which are…

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Lamson 75,90,110

The new Lamson series of Industrial Pneumatic Tube Systems represents a welcome return for a robust and reliable cabinet to cabinet Pneumatic Tube System designed specifically for heavy duty applications. This new system designated "LAMSON", delivers the advantages of a cabinet based point-to-point Pneumatic…

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“Neptune” is designed for all industry sectors. It uses all station types including the fully automatic “Saturn” and “LUNA” units. Neptune is designed to control fully intercommunicating networks of up to 100 stations. Neptune is a microprocessor controller in an…

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75s and 100s

“75s & 100s” are specially designed systems for the most aggressive environments. High speed and heavy duty, these systems are used, for example, within Steelworks. 75s and 100s are Pneumatic Tube Systems for aggressive environments in 75mm and 100mm tube…

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