Petrol & Battery Power

BVC Multistage blowers, exhausters and vacuum pumps are, because of their shaft-drive design, ideally suited to Petrol and Battery Engine power units.



Features and benefits of Petrol and Battery Powered Multistage Blowers and Exhausters include;

  • Robust construction
  • Suitable for a broad range of applications
  • Economical to run
  • Forgiving in β€˜aggressive’ environments
  • Provide warm, dry, non-pulsating air
  • Bare shaft or fully motorised units
  • Any specification electric motors/starter can be fitted
  • Petrol powered multistage air blowers, exhausters and vacuum pumps
  • Dual cycle models available 50/60hz
  • Models with greater volume / pressure available
  • British design and manufacture
  • β€˜In house’ technical support
  • Flexible design and manufacture
  • Standard machines available up to 15kW. Larger machines built to order.
  • A full range of accessories are available including silencers and gauges

An excellent range of models for continuous or intermittent operation in all types of applications.

The units have sand cast steel casings and are low maintenance. The drive and air units can be easily separated for replacement



The BVC YP5 can be supplied powered by a Honda GX160 petrol engine


The BVC YP3 is illustrated here powered by the unique Honda eGX battery-electric engine, providing up to 1.5kW of power and 0.5-1 hour run time off a single charge.

S Range

BVC S-Range Multistage Blower or Exhauster powered by a Honda GX390/420 Petrol Engine


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