Up The Wall at Craggy Island Climbing Centre


Up The Wall

Like many modern Sports Centres the Craggy Island Climbing Centre in Guildford, Surrey, has a Climbing Wall where aspiring climbers can learn the sport in a safe environment and the more experienced climbers can practice on various degrees of difficulty.

An important part of climbing is maintaining a good grip on the rock surface and the artificial cliff face is no exception. To this end โ€˜chalkโ€™ powder is used on the hands. However whilst this is of great benefit to the climbers it poses a unique problem for the cleaning staff since the very fine powder can track throughout the facility if not cleaned effectively off the flooring at the base of the climbing wall.

Like most other Centres, Craggy Island had been using a smaller commercial vacuum cleaner for this task however this was a long laborious process, since due to the fine nature of the chalk dust, the vacuum cleaner bag blocked very quickly and could burst after a relatively small area had been cleaned; often less than 25 square metres.

A BVC model TS60 3 motor industrial vacuum cleaner from the โ€˜Towerโ€™ range, proved to be the ideal solution says Rob Mitchell Craggy Island Climbing Centre Director. Due to its far superior suction power and large, effective filtration, such blockages are a thing of the past. Indeed the TS60 can go for over 2 weeks before the container needs to be emptied. The increased suction and speed of cleaning now allows the area to be totally cleaned, before climbing activities start. This is both time and cost saving and motivational to the centre staff. Says Rob, – โ€œOur Vacuum is performing wonderfully and our floor is cleaner than it has been in a long timeโ€ Also he comments โ€œhowever itโ€™s not just that the floor is cleaner in appearance, but that we are getting the dust out from deep inside the rubber matting, so when we have a lot of people in the building, there is less dust in the air so the atmosphere is greatly improvedโ€

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