Cashline Systems are 2-way systems specifically designed to carry cash from a trading floor to the secure area. These systems are particularly suited to department stores with distributed tills.


Whereas Multicash Pneumatic Tube Systems are 1-way, Cashline is designed as a 2-way system so that empty carriers may be returned to the originator. Like Multicash, Cashline systems can be configured on a range of different controllers depending on the level of sophistication and data-logging required.


cl110When used with a “Minerva” controller, the complete range of Quirepace stations are available, including sliding sleeve, “Luna”, “Saturn” and the counter-top mounted “Zos” unit. Special software is also available for Cashline systems designed specifically for toll-plaza and toll-road applications. When utilised in these applications it is usual to incorporate intermediate carrier storage devices with enhanced security features using RFID.

Cashline systems, with their 2-way operation, are particularly suited to department stores with distributed pay-desks, where discreet cash-retrieval systems can be incorporated into the shop-fitted furniture.

Stations can be up send sliding sleeves, down send desk stations or special stations.




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