Industrial, Commercial and Retail

Pneumatic Tube Systems for Industrial, Commercial and Retail applications are usually intended for a single task for which they must be designed and configured to meet the unique requirements of each application.


For example, systems for Industry often have to be installed in aggressive environments, or are carrying payloads with particular characteristics. Often heavy-duty with tailored controls, industrial systems are designed to be robust. Over the years Quirepace have designed and installed pneumatic tube systems for many special applications involving, for example, hotย  samples, or samples for nuclear medicine and industry.

Retail systems are traditionally used for moving cash, and although this application is reducing, there are still many locations where the safe movement of cash from shop floor to cash office requires the speed and security of a pneumatic tube system

Systems for Commercial applications encompass the widest range of business applications, for example:-for moving dentistโ€™s instruments; within quarries for delivery and despatch paperwork; within jewellers for moving items between floors; whatever the application, one of Quirepaceโ€™s systems will be the perfect fit.


Cashline systems are two-way Pneumatic Tube Systems designed to clear cash away from the trading floor. They also have the ability to return empty carriers.


Multicash systems are one-way Pneumatic Tube Systems designed to clear cash away from the trading floor.


Diana is a simple Pneumatic Tube System designed primarily to transport carriers backwards and forwards between two locations.

Lamson Heavy Duty Industrial Systems

Lamson 75,90 and 110mm systems are heavy duty Pneumatic Tube Systems designed to be installed in harsh industrial environments

Minerva Lite

Minerva Lite is a Pneumatic Tube System that can serve many locations on a single system. Fully intercommunicating, it provides most of the benefits of the full Minerva system with a simpler network controller layout.