Vacuums for Wet Products

Quirepace offer several Industrial Vacuum Cleaners in the BVC range which are suitable for wet collection.


Some of these machines are only available as suitable for wet collection, others are variations of machines which may be configured for either wet or dry collection.

Some machines have drain hoses and some have pump-out pumps. Others have tipping tanks, or are designed to pick up a mixture of liquid and solids. It is always a good idea to contact us and talk to our specialist sales team to ensure that the specified unit is suitable for the application.

The Industrial Vacuum Cleaners illustrated below are all available configured for wet collection.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Wet Collection
Greenline 2-90WD

The Greenline 2-90WD is a wet and dry vacuum with 2 turbines and a 90 litre collection tank. Available in both 110v and 230v


The IV40 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner can be configured for wet and dry collection


The BVC IV62 is configurable with several different power units and is available with a tank suitable for wet collection


The BVC TS60 has the convenient tower design. It is a 3kW single phase unit with individually switched motors and is available with wet collection as an option.

BVC Ti60

The BVC Ti60 is a heavy duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with a 4kW 3 phase motor and multistage vacuum pump. It can be configured for wet collection.


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