What is a Pneumatic Tube System?

A Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) – often called an Air Tube System – ย is a means of transporting a small payload, typically up to 5kg maximum, within a carrier which is moved within a tube between different locations by air.


Pneumatic Tube Systems have an extremely long and successful historyย in all industry sectors and are also commonly called air tube systems, pneumatic airtube systems, pod systems and many other similar names.

In its simplest form a PTS can be a single tube with two ends within which a carrier (or “pod”) moves from one end to the other. Complexity arises through features and functions that are required on the send and receive โ€œstationsโ€; from the requirement to connect several locations together and move several carriers simultaneously; and also from the capabilities required from the control system.

Hence, a typical PTS installation consists of:-

  • An exhauster/blower to provide motive air
  • An air switching system
  • The pipework
  • Any diverters (โ€œpointsโ€) on the network
  • The stations
  • The control wiring to connect everything together
  • The โ€œcontrollerโ€ device that provides the logical process control


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