Lamson 75,90,110

The Lamson series of Industrial Pneumatic Tube Systems presents a traditional robust and reliable cabinet to cabinet Pneumatic Tube System designed specifically for heavy duty industrial applications.


This system designated “LAMSON”, delivers the advantages of a cabinet based point-to-point Pneumatic Tube System, combined with modern, programmable PLC control. The station itself features heavy duty push buttons and solenoid activated door interlock, and is designed to provide reliable service in aggressive environments for many years. The Lamson station is available in 75mm, 90mm and 110mm sizes as standard.

The control equipment is housed within an IP rated enclosure, with all power to the stations being ELV. Motive air is provided by a suitably sized exhauster, designed for continuous operation.

The cabinet provides both the send and receive function with capacity for several carriers. Push buttons and indicators control the send and interlock functions.

The Lamson Pneumatic Tube System equipment can be installed to connect across considerable distances and may be installed using either uPVC, steel, aluminium or stainless steel tube, depending on the environment.

The Lamson stations can be used with a wide variety of carriers. Standard swivel lid plastic carriers are suitable for most applications, providing the best compromise between ease of use, weight, durability and cost. For special applications Quirepace produce metal carriers in several designs. These can include features such as leak-proof seals, protection for hot samples, and any other particular requirements users may need.


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