Quirepace – Innovation in Vacuum and Conveying Technology.

We offer a range of products and services built on the ancestral roots of our Company: BVC – British Vacuum Cleaners, and Lamson Engineering. Our current product range encompasses Vacuum and Blowing equipment, and solutions for intralogistics – the transportation of payloads around and within buildings and facilities.

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

BVC – British Vacuum Cleaners. A range of machines designed to meet the rigours and demands of the industrial environment

Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems – CVC. Equipment combining fixed pipework with vacuum and filtration equipment for bulk collection of product.

Exhausters and Blowers

A range of both Multistage and Side Channel Exhausters, Vacuum Pumps and Blowers designed to meet the needs of industry. Available as complete powered units, bare-shaft units or as OEM components

Pneumatic Tube Systems

Pneumatic Tube Systems are a proven and reliable method of transporting small payloads within and between buildings. Quirepace offer systems for the Healthcare, Industrial, Commercial and Retail markets

Electric Track Vehicles

Electric Track Vehicles run on a network of monorail track and offer an intralogistics solution for payloads up to 40kg.

Garment Management Systems

Using RFID recognition, combined with dispensers, retrieval units and management software, Garment and Uniform Management Systems track inventory and reduce loss and wastage.


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