Multicash is a range of 1-way Pneumatic Tube Systems designed to quickly, efficiently, and securely clear cash from the trading floor directly to the cash office. These systems are particularly suited to supermarkets and other large retail organisations.


“Multicash” can use a choice of control systems depending on the level of sophistication and data-recording required. Whichever control system is used, the essential features of a Multicash system are that it is 1-way with many stations on the network of tubes connected through “swept junctions” allowing fast and efficient 1-way operation. Interlocks ensure only 1 station can be used at a time. Within the cash office, Multicash may deliver into either a cash-box or into a modified safe. Using the “Minerva” control system, sophisticated monitoring and validation is possible, and personalised security “keys” can record the individual users, if required. Multicash is available in all tube sizes.


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