Quirepace Pneumatic Tube Systems are used extensively in over 100 NHS Hospitals to transport Samples, Drugs, Prescriptions, Menu Cards, Patient Notes and many other payloads.


Within a Hospital, the primary applications for a Pneumatic Tube System are for transporting Laboratory Specimens and Pharmaceutical Products. Although PTS have been used in Hospitals for many years, the latest installations are larger, faster, more complex and more critical to operational services than ever before. This means that it is increasingly important to ensure that efficiency, robustness and reliability are maximised.

With the first large Quirepace PTSΒ  installed within the NHS in 1990, Quirepace MINERVA is the preferred system for NHS Hospitals.

Quirepace Systems cover the full range of Hospital and Healthcare applications. Advanced features and flexible network architecture ensure that Quirepace equipment is always at the forefront of design. We work closely with Healthcare Consultants, Architects, Specifiers, and Commissioners to ensure that our designs and proposals always meet the aspirations of clients and end-users.

The Team at Quirepace have been installing large Hospital PTS networks since 1990. We understand the demands and aspirations of Hospitals and Staff, and we know what works (and what doesn’t). Whether our client is directly The Hospital, or an intermediate contractor, we can guide and assist throughout the entire design and procurement process in order to achieve maximum performance and value for money.

Of course, Quirepace Pneumatic Tube Systems (or Pneumatic Air Tube Systems as they are sometimes called) are designed in accordance with the NHS Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 2009 and the Scottish Health Technical Memorandum Β (SHTM) 08-04 which provide guidance on the installation of Air Tube Systems within hospitals.

Quirepace are an NHS Shared Business Services framework supplier

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The following are Quirepace systems designed specifically for Healthcare applications.


Quirepace Minerva is the latest generation of equipment for Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) networks. Based on a Windows platform, Minerva allows powerful, efficient and robust PTS networks to be constructed without compromise


Pharmalink is a special system designed to take the output from Pharmacy Dispensing Robots and transport medications to remote locations


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