Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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BVC is the original “British Vacuum Cleaners”. The BVC range includes Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Exhausters and Blowers, and Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems.




When you need a heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner the BVC range has a solution. BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are market leaders for use across the whole spectrum of industrial manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical, food and drink, automotive, marine and aeronautical engineering, ceramics, electronics, plastic, rubber, paper and textiles to mineral processing and power generation.  BVC Industrial vacuum cleaners are the ideal solution for maintenance, cleaning and product automation and for collection of hazardous or toxic dusts. Manufacturing, military and warehousing clients worldwide have benefited from using our industrial vacuum cleaners which are particularly useful for cleaning in confined areas, clean rooms, or areas where dust or particles can cause problems with production machinery or processes.

BVC manufacture a range of ATEX compliant industrial vacuum cleaners and both M Class and H Class industrial vacuum cleaners for safe handling of toxic, explosive and otherwise hazardous products.  BVC are almost unique in our industry in that we have the capability to design and manufacture ‘Special industrial vacuum cleaners’ to cater for unusual applications.  These tailor made solutions set us apart from other suppliers.

In nearly every category of industry there is a brand that represents continuity with a long and distinguished past; a brand that represents those facets of British manufacturing that people recognize as characteristic of the “Best of British”.

BVC Products, from Quirepace, are the direct descendants from the company founded by Hubert Booth, the inventor of the vacuum cleaner, in 1900. Whilst our range of products are targeted at those applications required by our customers in the 21st Century, and are manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, they also represent a connection with the past through proven designs and high quality materials and solid British engineering.

What this means in practice is that our industrial vacuum cleaners are built from the best materials – you won’t find components manufactured in “rubber metal” from dubious sources on BVC machines, or products “designed to cost” that only look good in brochures; our tube sections are thick-wall, our motors are tough and designed for long-life, our wheels and castors are specified to last, and the first impression any user gets of a BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is one of sturdiness and inherent longevity.

It is not surprising that a high proportion of our sales come from people who have used a BVC industrial vacuum cleaner before. Never is the old adage of “buy cheap, buy twice” truer, than when buying powered tools that have to work hard. Quality BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners backed up by British manufacturing and comprehensive after sales service deliver the performance demanded, when it’s needed, every time.

Today we are one of the few companies still manufacturing in the UK giving us the flexibility to modify machines, should it be necessary to match quite specific customer requirements.

The BVC range offers British made, UK manufactured Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for discerning customers. Our range includes:-


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