Get Rid of the Broom

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is on a continual campaign to reduce the hazards of dust in the workplace, and particularly dust created during cleaning-up. Traditionally, people have used brooms, but the process of sweeping floors, inevitably pushes quantities of dust into the air. As an alternative to using a broom, the HSE recommends using an appropriate Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.


As a direct result of both the HSE guidance which effectively bans dry sweeping, and the requests from many customers, Quirepace are expanding the range of M-Class, H-Class, Type H and ATEX rated Industrial Vacuum Cleaners designed for cleaning up dust in the workshop. Wood dust in particular can present both a hazard to health and may also, in some circumstances, be explosive.

In both the larger woodworking machine-shop and in the factories of smaller woodwork manufacturers the bulk of the dust created will be captured with on-tool extraction. However, inevitably the workshop will accumulate dust on surfaces and floors. Dust from hardwoods and MDF machining are particularly hazardous.

The BVC range of Industrial Vacuums from Quirepace has over many years offered many woodworking machine shops the ideal solution for a portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. The latest machines offer the performance and the technical specification and certification to both clean up effectively and meet the statutory responsibilities of the business to provide a safe working environment.

When businesses require an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for a woodwork machining workshop or factory, there is a BVC machine in the range to suit the application.