Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

BVC are market leaders in Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems for industry and industrial applications, with installations across the whole industry spectrum; pharmaceutical and food production to mineral processing and power generation. Clients worldwide have benefited from the solutions provided by Quirepace


BVC is the original “British Vacuum Cleaners”. The BVC range includes Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Exhausters and Blowers, and Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems.





As Specialists in the field of ATEX compliant vacuum systems and cleaning machines, BVC can design ATEX compliant Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems, also systems to handle toxic and hazardous products and where required, safe change technology.

A turnkey service from conceptual design through to commissioning and handover is available, with service agreements, after warranty period, available from our after sales team.

A Central Vacuum Cleaning System is an β€˜online’ cleaning system where the operator inserts the hose into a connection point, to carry out cleaning operations.Β  The extracted materials are pneumatically conveyed to a separator for final disposal.

Strategically located hose connection points throughout a facility are interconnected with graduated pipework systems, terminating in a vacuum plant. Fixed installation vacuum cleaning systems provide a means of both cleaning and recovering product for either disposal or recycling. Discharge can be into bags, sacks, trailers, skips and other containers.

Whatever the industry, if a Central Vacuum Cleaning System is required, there is a BVC solution. Call us now and find out more.




It is essential to understand the requirements of the system and the material characteristics being handled, resulting in correct component selection, pipework sizing and configuration.Β  Our many years of experience enables us to advise, design and install the most efficient, effective systems available.


Health and Safety in the workplace is paramount. Working with BVC means that not only will the workplace be a healthier and more pleasant environment, but also where applicable a potential explosion risk will be reduced, as required in the ATEX Directive.Β  Other benefits include:

  • Improved working environment
  • Reclamation of expensive materials
  • Efficient removal of waste materials
  • Improved product integrity
  • Reduction in maintenance down time
  • No secondary dust hazards as suction is employed
  • No trailing cables
  • Hazardous and toxic product handled safely
  • Single or multi-operator use
  • General cleaning and bulk removal in one system
  • Wet and dry options available
  • Instant β€˜online’ cleaning system availability

Have a look at some of our case studies of past installations


Example Applications

Three Central vacuum cleaning / bulk removal systems are operating in a biomass facility in a UK power station servicing a rail intake building, processing building and tunnel under storage silos.


A smelter has a 16 point bulk removal / cleaning system connected to a filter separator and 15kW exhauster unit in an acoustic enclosure, dispensing materials into flexible inter-bulk containers.

CVC Recycling

A recycling facility has a 38 point bulk removal / cleaning system connected to a tubular bag separator and 30kW exhauster unit in an acoustic enclosure.

CVC Miller

A UK Miller has a central vacuum cleaning / bulk removal system with 46 hose connection points, handling beans and dusts – thus complying with the ATEX directive.


A beverage distiller has two systems – one in a grain intake and the other in the dry materials processing facility, both have interconnecting hose connection points linked back to the BVC Ti80 vacuum machines complying with the ATEX directive.


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