The BVC IV40 is a robust Industrial Vacuum Cleaner designed for light-medium duty applications in all industry sectors.

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The BVC IV40 is a range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners designed to meet all requirements in the up to 1.2 kW class

Despite having a relatively low power rating compared to some of the bigger machines in the BVC range, IV40 nonetheless has a large filter area and a big collection tank resulting in powerful and consistent performance. BVC IV40 is designed for all types of general cleaning duties, with versions available for both dusts hazardous to health (M-Class and H-Class) and for ATEX rated environments. A wide choice of hoses, tools and accessories is available.

Key Features
  • Compact design with a small footprint
  • Strong metal construction for a tough life
  • May be ordered without the trolley
  • 110v and 230v options. 900W and 1000W
  • Multiple filter options including HEPA
  • “M” & “H” rated version available
  • ATEX rated version available
  • Wet or Dry versions
  • Designed for dust, lightweight solids and difficult and hazardous materials
  • Non stick (PTFE coated) and fire retardant filter material options
  • Can be used with interceptors
  • Easily available spare parts from UK manufacturer
  • Huge range of hoses and tools
IV40D IV40WD Dry only or Wet & Dry

Designed for dry-only pickup or wet and dry, these versions of the INDY IV40 are bagless and collect directly into the tank. The Wet and Dry version has a drain for easy emptying. Standard filtration is a heavy-duty needlefelt filter bag. The WorD version has a filter mesh. Optional coated filters are available. A HEPA option can also be fitted.

The powerful turbine is designed for long-life. A wide range of tools and hoses are available in both 38mm and 51mm sizes. IV40 uses a 51-38mm reducer. Standard hose ends and inlets are metal for durability. IV40D and WorD are fitted with a reverse-air filter cleaning system, and can also be used to blow air by repositioning the hose to the exhaust. The unit can be supplied with or without the optional trolley. Both 110v and 230v units are available.

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The ATEXD22 versions of the BVC IV40 are suitable for ATEX ZONE 22 rated areas. These units differ from the other models in the IV40 range in that they use a brushless motor design, eliminating spark risk, complemented by ATEX rated components. The separated cooling air for the motor is protected by HEPA filters in the head of the machine on both the inlet and outlet side of the motor. Main filtration is 3 stage; firstly a disposable microfibre bag, followed by an ATEX rated needlefelt main filter complemented by the third stage HEPA working air filter.

This unit is available as a standard ATEX rated unit or, additionally, certified as H Class and issued with an appropriate DOP test certificate. MOD approved under JSP403 for use in indoor firing ranges for cleaning up both lead dust and any propellant residue. Available in both 110v and 230v versions, with or without the optional trolley.


IV40 DM IV40DH M and H Class

The M-Class and H-Class versions differ from the standard IV40D in that the collection tank has a low-level inlet with protective screw cap, and the tank is designed to be used with the disposable K4 microfibre collection bag. These versions are fitted with a vacuum gauge indicating when suction is reduced because the bag is full and/or there is a blockage.

All units are fitted with a large HEPA filter. The M-Class units are designed for all duties where an M-Class is specified. The H-Class units in addition are supplied with DOP test certification. The IV40DM and IV40DH are designed to be used with the conductive hose and tool sets. All units are available with or without the optional trolley. Both 110v and 230v units are available.

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IV40A ATEX D22 Manual
IV40AH ATEX D22 Manual

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