Developed from the original IV60 Combi, the new IV60 range is a highly configurable range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners available with several different motor and tank combinations designed to meet all requirements in a mid-range unit. Versions are available for hazardous dusts, ATEX environments and both wet and dry products.

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The BVC IV60 is a range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners designed to meet all requirements in the up to 3kW class

The IV60 is powerful enough to meet demanding applications, and yet relatively compact and very maneuverable making it the perfect workhorse for many different applications.

Based on the original BVC IV60 Combi, the new IV60 range introduces new versions offering an even wider choice of collection tanks and power units.

The IV60 range is all about flexibility. The range of collection tanks includes a dry tank for fine dust collection, utilising a disposable paper bag, a wet tank, a drop tank for bulk collection of heavier products, and a longopac option for specialist applications.

In addition to a choice of collection tanks, the customer can choose from a wide range of power units depending on the application. Standard electric motors range from 0.75kW to 2.2kW with a choice of 110v, 230v, and 1ph or 3ph induction motors.

IV60 is also available with Honda GX160 petrol engines and also the brand new and revolutionary Honda eGX battery engine which delivers the benefits of an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for internal use without any necessity for trailing leads.


Key Features
  • Robust construction for long life
  • Compact and maneuverable
  • Different collection tank versions available
  • HEPA filter options including M-Class and H-Class
  • 110v and 230v twin motor option
  • 3 phase induction motors for continuous operation
  • Unique Honda eGX battery version
  • Powerful Honda petrol version
  • Large range of accessories
  • Can be used with interceptors
Performance and Versions


BVC IV60 is available with several different tank and motor combinations as the table above. The twin motor variants use powerful series-wound single phase turbines. The 3 phase machines use induction motors combined with BVC multistage vacuum pumps and are suitable for continuous running. Powerful Honda petrol engines deliver the equivalent of 3kW whilst the revolutionary Honda eGX battery engine delivers up to 1.5kW.

The new IV60 is available as a cordless Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


The BVC IV60 ATEX rated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is available in two slightly different versions. One is suitable for use in ATEX Dust Zone 22 only and a slightly different specification is suitable for both Dust Zone 22 and Gas Zone 2; the units use slightly different motors and control enclosures.

Both versions have sealed and ATEX rated control enclosures, ATEX rated induction motors and are manufactured from anti-static and spark resistant materials; the tank head on the ATEX version, for example, is stainless steel rather than cast aluminium as used on standard machines.

ATEX rated BVC IV60 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are used with anti-static tools and hoses. Filter materials have anti-static properties.


M and H Class

The BVC IV60 is available as both an M-Class and H-Class unit. This version has HEPA filtration. Every H-Class unit is provided with the individual machine DOP test certificate.

A particular advantage of the dry-tank IV60 is the ability to keep the vacuum pump running while the disposable bag is removed. This keeps a negative pressure on the bag and minimises the risk of airborne contamination during bag removal.

IV60 M and H class units are fitted with a pressure gauge to indicate whether the filter is becoming blocked.

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