A powerful Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with a compact footprint.

Manufactured here in the UK by Quirepace, the BVC TS60 is a mid-range heavy duty workhorse Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. Fitted with 3 x 1kW turbines, TS60 is designed to operate from a standard 230v or 110v single phase supply.

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Choosing a heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner is all about performance, but that performance must be tailored to suit the application to guarantee satisfaction.

BVC TS60 is a mid-range workhorse Industrial Vacuum Cleaner which finds applications in all industry sectors. With the optional clearflow filter it is particularly suited to collecting large volumes of fine dust, for example from concrete grinding applications.

Because we manufacture here in the UK we are able to tailor make every machine to our customer’s requirements. Our specialist sales team is always on-hand to guide customers through the various choices of filters, hoses and tools that are available. The BVC TS60 delivers excellent performance in a 230v or 110v highly manoeuvrable unit, targeted at heavier duty applications in Industry and Construction. Optional BVC β€œClearflow” filter provides a huge 1.65 sqm of filter area which helps to maintain peak performance at all times.

The BVC TS60 has a large 60 litre drop tank which can be configured to collect either dry or wet products. Collection can be into a poly-bag insert if required.

Key Features
  • Tower design gives a small footprint
  • Fits through a standard single door
  • 60 Litre tank capacity
  • Multiple filter options including Clearflow
  • 110v and 230v options up to 3kW
  • Individually switched motors
  • Easy bin removal and emptying
  • Wet collection option
  • β€œM” Class filtration with HEPA

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The BVC TS60 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner uses multiple 0.9kW – 1kW turbines up to 3kW total power


The BVC TS60 can be fitted with either standard bag filters or the unique BVC Clearflow filter which utilises several individual sock filters mounted on spring cores. Not only does this filter design significantly increase the filtration area (and thereby reduce the airspeed through the filter), the spring cores allow the socks to compress and decompress as they start to blind, shaking off accumulated dust, which assists in keeping the filters open.

In addition, BVC TS60 is available as an M-Class unit with HEPA filtration suitable for collecting hazardous dusts on e.g. construction sites.

Filters can be manufactured in several different materials including antistatic, ptfe coated and fire resistant. In addition the BVC Ti60 can be fitted with optional HEPA filtration to further increase the filter efficiency.


BVC Clearflow filter

TS60 is available as an M-Class unit. This version has additional HEPA filtration, a filter airflow warning light and is used with disposable bags.

M-Class units are suitable for collecting hazardous dusts e.g. on construction sites, and other areas where medium hazard dusts may be found.

Download and view our information sheet for TS60
Download the operating manual for the standard TS60

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