HEPA and H Class (Hazardous or Toxic Material)

When the collected dust is determined to be hazardous special filtration and protection must be incorporated into the industrial vacuum cleaner to meet exacting standards.

But, what standards? Trying to digest the various classifications and standards for HEPA filters and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for hazardous and toxic materials can be challenging. Many Filters in BVC Vacuum Cleaners are manufactured by a leading Worldwide filter manufacturer, and when we recently asked them to confirm the current standards they use for the HEPA filters they supply to us, gave us the following answer:-


“There are essentially 2 types of test that we use for our HEPA filters. The first is BS3928 the Sodium Flame Test. We use this for all our nuclear grade filters as it is specified in the nuclear filter standards and is the test used for all filters supplied to the MOD. The standard is now 50 years old and is likely to be reviewed in the next year or so, however the basic method, test and validation criteria are unlikely to change.

Then there are the DOP tests which are carried out on all our other, non nuclear grade HEPA filters. The standard test specification for these has been BS EN 1822 which was published in 2010. Parts of this have now been superseded by ISO 29463 from 2018. However part 1 of 1822 is still valid, this being the section that covers the classification, the nature of the performance testing and filter marking. ISO 29463 deals with the test apparatus, test procedures and how the results are interpreted and is, in effect, identical to BS EN 1822 but is designed to be a world standard rather than limited to the UK and Europe. This is particularly relevant to us in light of Brexit.”


BS EN 60335-2-69:2012 which introduces “H-Class”, relates to BS EN 1822. Another standard; BS 8520-1:2009 describing the correct use of vacuum cleaners for handling asbestos states that “Class H vacuum cleaners are commonly referred to as H‑type vacuum cleaners”,Β  indicating machines complying with either standard are appropriate.

All the standards have the same objective – to ensure that Vacuum Cleaners used for hazardous dusts have high performance filtration capable of efficiently filtering tiny particles measuring a fraction of a micron.

Currently, BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are either designated H Class units to BS EN 60335, or are supplied with HEPA filtration and appropriate DOP tests to BS3928.

A Vacuum Cleaner with a HEPA filter is not automatically classified as Type-H or H-Class; further tests are required on the whole machine before the classification can be confirmed.

Also, the classification of a particular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner does not automatically indicate its suitability or not for a particular application. The weight and consistency of the product greatly influences the choice of unit. For example, there is little sense in choosing a machine with a 100 litre collection bag if the product is heavy – it becomes impossible to safely lift the bag, similarly a machine with a small collection bag will clog and blind almost immediately with a product consisting solely of very fine dust; for this application the bigger the primary filter surface area or collection bag the better.

Some of the Vacuum Cleaners in the BVC “H” range can be supplied with both ATEX and “H” ratings. These HEPA + ATEX Industrial Vacuum Cleaners have been endorsed by the Technical Advisory Section of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation ( Authors of Joint Services Publication JSP403 ) as suitable for use within MOD indoor firing ranges as part of a holistic cleaning programme where the hazards are potentially both lead dust and un-burnt propellant.

Our specialists can help you choose the correct vacuum cleaner for your application. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


IV60 COMBI H Class and H-ATEX

This is the Type H version of our IV60 Combi. Available with a wide range of motor combinations including single phase and three phase continuously rated induction motors, IV60 is a heavy duty Type H unit for cleaning up hazardous dusts within Industry.

IV60 is particularly suited to very fine dusts, having a disposable collection bag system of approx 60 litres, presenting a very large surface area which resists clogging and blinding. A three stage filtration system consisting of a paper bag supported within a secondary cloth bag and then all protected by an H14 HEPA filter ensures reliable and safe dust collection.

An ATEX rated version of the Type H IV60 is available.


IV 40 H Class and H-ATEX

Type β€˜H’ version of the BVC IV40 β€˜INDY’ industrial vacuum cleaner (shown with optional trolley)

The Type H INDY IV40 is available in both 110v and 230v versions. An ATEX rated version is available which uses a brushless motor with additional filtration.

INDY IV40 Type H has three stage filtration consisting of a microfibre disposable collection bag of around 40 litres capacity, with a secondary heavy duty cloth bag filter of around 0.4sqm all protcetde by a third stage H14 HEPA filter.

With a 5 year parts warranty (as all BVC Professional Vacuums) INDY IV40 is a heavy-duty, tough & reliable Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for hazardous dusts


IV45 H Class

IV45 H is a mid-range HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with approximately 40 litre collection capacity.

Available in both 110v and 230v versions, IV45 uses twin 0.8kW (mean) turbines delivering 1600W-2000W of suction power from series wound brushed motors.

Designed as a maneuverable and powerful unit for intermittent use within Industry, IV45 uses a disposable microfibre bag for primary collection.


Greenline 1-41H

1-41H is a light-medium duty H-Class Vacuum Cleaner designed for use where hazardous dusts may be present.

1-41H is designed to be easy to carry whilst still having a generously sized tank housing the disposable microfibre collection bag, an anti-static polycarbon filter protector (to help resist clogging) and an H13 cartridge HEPA filter. A filtration flow warning light is provided to indicate when the bag is full.

1-41H is provided with a full set of tools.


Greenline 1-27H HOSVAC

1-27H HOSVAC is a light-medium duty H-Class Vacuum Cleaner with the additional benefits that it is both manufactured in antibacterial plastics and is also certified for ISO5 cleanrooms.

1-27H has an additional HEPA filter on the motor exhaust, in addition to the 3 stage filtration consisting of a disposable bag, antistatic polycarbon filter protector and H14 HEPA filter within the tank.

The antibacterial properties of the 1-27 HOSVAC make it ideal for clinics, hospitals, dental surgeries, nursing homes, and other healthcare premises.


BVC CV7 - HEPA Cylinder Vacuum

CV7 is a development of the original cylinder vacuums. Today it offers a unique solution where a compact HEPA vacuum unit is required. Although still available as a stand-alone vacuum cleaner, CV7 is now mainly used as an OEM component to incorporate into other equipment.

Designed to run very quietly, the 3 or 4 stage filtration with in-line turbine allows the exhaust air to be piped away.

Applications include medical equipment, cleanrooms, gloveboxes and other areas where hazardous dusts may be present. The design allows the disposal bag to be removed under vacuum to assist dust containment.


HEPA Interceptor

Specialist Interceptors built by BVC with internal HEPA filtration.

A variety of sizes are available to match collection and disposal requirements and match the BVC industrial vacuum cleaners power.

Robustly built to give many years of safe use.