H Class Vacuum Cleaner with 41 litre Tank
Greenline 1-41H is an H Class Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with a 41 litre tank. A powerful 2 stage turbine delivers powerful suction, and with H13 HEPA filtration, 1-41H delivers H-Class performance wherever required.


  • Generous 41 litre tank.
  • Powerful 1.0 – 1.2kW high speed turbine
  • 2470 mmH2O Vacuum 210 m3/hr Flow
  • On-board tool storage
  • β€œSelf cleaning” Polycarbon pre-filter
  • 36mm Hose/inlet with retainer catch
  • 2.5m x 36mm flexible hose

Greenline 1-41H is available as both a 230v and 110v unit. Suitable for all applications where hazardous dust must be cleaned, Greenline 1-41H has 3 stage filtration. The first stage is a microfibre disposable bag; second stage is a polycarbon anti-static filter which protects the third stage main H13 HEPA filter. Filters conform toΒ BS EN 1822-2:2009 and also conform to the equivalent standards described in ISO 29463-1:2011. A Filter clog warning light is provided which will indicate when the filter performance is becoming degraded.

Greenline 1-41H is ideally suited for many light duty cleaning tasks where hazardous dust is present.

Greenline 1-41H is an H-Class vacuum complying withΒ BS EN 60335-2-69 2012