H Class, Antibacterial, ISO5 Vacuum Cleaner with 27 litre Tank
Greenline 1-27H is a powerful and capable specialist Vacuum Cleaner suited to both H Class applications where hazardous dust is present, and ISO5 cleanroom applications. In addition to the standard H Class H14 HEPA filter, Greenline 1-27H also has a second H14 filter downstream of the turbine which captures any motor generated dust. Not only that, but virtually the whole machine is manufactured from special plastics with anti-bacterial properties.


  • Generous 27 litre tank.
  • Powerful 1.3kW high speed turbine
  • 2870 mmH2O Vacuum 210 m3/hr Flow
  • On-board tool storage
  • “Self cleaning” Polycarbon pre-filter
  • 2x HEPA cartridges upstream and downstream of turbine
  • Disposable Microfibre dust bag
  • 36mm Hose/inlet with retainer catch
  • 4.0m x 36mm antibacterial flexible hose

Greenline 1-27H Hosvac is available as a 230v  Suitable for all applications where hazardous dust must be cleaned, Greenline 1-27H has 4 stage filtration. The first stage is a microfibre disposable bag; second stage is a polycarbon anti-static filter which protects the third stage main H14 HEPA filter and the fourth stage is a second H14 filter downstream of the turbine. Filters conform to BS EN 1822-2:2009 and also conform to the equivalent standards described in ISO 29463-1:2011. A Filter clog warning light is provided which will indicate when the filter performance is becoming degraded.

Greenline 1-27H is particularly suitable for cleaning jobs within Hospitals and Healthcare premises because it is almost completely manufactured in special plastics with antibacterial properties. These properties help to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the machine’s surfaces.

Greenline 1-27H is an H-Class vacuum complying with BS EN 60335-2-69 2012 and is also certificated for the electro medical sector – According to Regulation IEC/EN 60601-1


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