UniCar Open

UniCar open trolleys, with self-aligning containers ensure that payloads are kept upright throughout the transportation process.


The open UniCar trolleys are usually loaded and unloaded manually, although it is possible to integrate the open loading container with industrial pick and place robots for automated loading and unloading.

The open UniCar trolleys have swiveling containers which are weighted to maintain upright orientation throughout the transport process, whether travelling horizontally, vertically, or upside down. They are designed to handle sensitive goods in hospitals and libraries, as well as to transport production production parts or supplies in industrial manufacturing environments.


The UniSafeCarโ„ข has been specially developed for handling sensitive goods. It is primarily used for gentle consolidated transport in libraries, with manual loading and unloading. The UniSafeCarโ„ข ensures particularly gentle transport and is ideal for valuable ancient manuscripts, prints, maps, incunabula, microforms and of course any other items held in stock, such as books, CDs and DVDs.

The vehicle is loaded and unloaded manually. It can handle transport weights up to 10kg and sizes up to A3. Thanks to the container being suspended via a pendulum bearing, the contents never move when the vehicle changes from vertical to horizontal or overhead transport. Rather, they are always kept horizontally aligned.


The UniLabCar8 was specially developed for use in laboratories and has a payload up to 8 kg. It is particularly suitable when several samples need to be transported quickly, gently and efficiently at the same time.

Typical transport tasks are palletized laboratory samples of any kind, such as blood and urine samples, tissue samples, as well as blood preserves and plasma. Sensitive samples that cannot be shipped with other transport systems or consumables can also be transported in the UniLabCar without any problems. The trolley has a swiveling container, with pendulum bearing suspension, thus ensuring safe and gentle transport at all times. Loading and unloading is done manually.

The main areas of application are laboratories and healthcare.


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