Quirepace Minerva is the latest generation of equipment for Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) networks.

Based on a Windows platform, Minerva allows powerful, efficient and robust PTS networks to be constructed without compromise. Minerva is specifically designed for Hospital applications, but is also suitable for any application where a large PTS network is required


Minerva System

Minerva is a control system based around a server-standard Windows computer, connected by Ethernet to the PTS control bus system via an Ethernet switch and individual system interface devices to each system data bus. An external TCP/IP connection is available for remote access using many connection methods including internet and fibre-optic connection.

Minerva software works in conjunction with the latest stations and devices to provide high-performance networks. Networks may be configured either using direct-diverter interchanges or the unique “Linear Coupler Carrier Server”, which operates as a central connection, carrier store, and redistribution device for ultimate network performance.

The Graphical User Interface of the Minerva system is a dynamic visualisation of current network activity complemented by a sophisticated database and performance analysis application enabling System Managers to analyse and interpret recorded data.


Minerva Performance

Networks designed using Quirepace Minerva equipment can be configured to exactly meet the end-users requirements. This may mean for example, that duplicate and redundant systems are included for network performance and reliability, or that RFID systems are provided for Carrier Management. On our largest networks, “Train Lines” or “Long Distance Couplers” are provided to allow many carriers to fly simultaneously in the same tube.

Minerva can use the complete range of available station designs for sending and receiving carriers, including high-capacity bench receive units and hopper-fed automatic return stations.

The capabilities of Quirepace Minerva systems, combined with our immense experience of installing PTS networks into UK Hospitals, means that our solutions deliver the perfect balance between performance and investment.

Minerva Equipment and Features

Saturn Station with Cabinet
Bench Delivery System
Triton Automatic Unloader
Saturn 110mm Station
Linear Coupler
Dynamic Graphical Display
Flexible Network Layout

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