Pneumatic Tube System Applications

Pneumatic Tube Systems provide the solution for many transportation requirements across all industry sectors. If it will fit in a PTS carrier, there is a system capable of transporting it! Here are a few of the applications for which Quirepace have provided solutions using our Pneumatic Tube Systems.

Blood & Specimen Transportation

The principal use of PTS in hospitals is for the transportation of blood and specimens. Quirepace MINERVA equipment is used in over 100 NHS hospitals throughout the UK, and is recognised as the optimum solution for complex network installations across large hospital sites.

Drugs and Medicines

Whether as a manual operation or automatically linked to dispensing robots, in many hospitals a Quirepace Pneumatic Tube System provides an essential intralogistics service to transport drugs and medicines around the hospital campus.


Not only specimens and drugs are transported by Pneumatic Tube Systems in a hospital. Quirepace systems are also used for patient notes, menu cards, prescription requests and many other administration tasks.

Cash Transportation

Wherever cash is accumulated, a Pneumatic Tube System is a proven method of moving it safely and swiftly to a secure location. Whether the application is a multi-checkout supermarket, or a single till, Quirepace have an appropriate solution to transport cash securely, unobtrusively, reliably and efficiently.


In nearly every sphere of business operations, and even in this age of electronic information, there is still often a requirement to move paper. For example, in manufacturing units, paper documents may provide detailed process instructions, in quarries, delivery notes may be transported to the logistics office; where electronic communication is not an option, a Pneumatic Tube System is the solution.

Small Components

Jewellery, Keys, Production Consumables, Small Parts, Dental & Surgical Instruments; the list of payloads that can be transported is endless. For example, Pneumatic Tube Systems are found within large car production factories and small jewellers, and in every size of organisation in between. Wherever small components have to be transported, a Pneumatic Tube System can provide the solution


Pneumatic Tube Systems are used in many industries to transport samples from production areas to quality testing departments. PTS offer a fast, efficient, and safe method of rapidly transporting industrial samples.


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