BVC Ti80

Big Machines with Big Performance, custom built for each application.

Manufactured here in the UK by Quirepace, the BVC Ti80 family of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners deliver longevity and performance wherever and whenever it is needed. Capable of handling the most difficult materials, BVC Ti80 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are designed to provide ultimate power and flexibility.

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Choosing a heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner is all about performance, but that performance must be tailored to suit the application to guarantee satisfaction.

Every application is different:- dust, grain, stone, sand, metal, wood, flour; whatever the material to be handled, careful adaption and specification of the machine is necessary to achieve the objective.

Because we manufacture here in the UK we are able to tailor make every machine to our customer’s requirements. Specifying a Ti80 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner starts with the motor – exhauster combination. Ti80 uses a unique β€œmultistage” AB08 exhauster. This unit, manufactured by Quirepace and part of the BVC range of exhauster modules, is different from the more common side-channel unit found on most machines. The multistage construction means that the unit is powerful and extremely robust. Should anything inadvertently get drawn in, the multistage construction is extremely resilient to damage through even quite large particles being drawn through the impeller. Ti80 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are fitted with powerful continuously rated 3ph induction (brushless) motors from 7.5kW to 15kW, but diesel and petrol powered alternatives are available.

The powerful Ti80 is particularly suited to cleaning tasks on construction sites and within factories where heavier materials such as concrete and brick dust must be recovered.

The vacuum and cleaning performance can be manipulated through the motor-exhauster combination, and via the type and diameter of hose that is used. As standard, Ti80 offers options of 102mm 76mm 51mm and 38mm, and several hose types, sizes and lengths can be used on a single machine through adapters.

The power to utilise long hoses in several diameters also makes Ti80 ideally suited for small fixed pipe Central Vacuum Cleaning installations.

Key Features
  • Unique Multistage Exhauster
  • Powerful 7.5kW to 15kW 3 phase induction motors
  • 80 Litre tank capacity
  • Multiple filter options including Clearflow and HEPA
  • Can be used as part of a fixed installation
  • Capacity can be extended through intermediate interceptors
  • Large wheels and robust handle for manoeuvrability
  • Fork liftable chassis
  • ATEX rated version available
  • PLC integration to external systems is possible

Ti80 performance table

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The BVC Ti80 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner uses the proven ABO8 Multistage Vacuum Pump which is designed to run continuously in demanding industrial applications.


The BVC Ti80 can be fitted with either standard bag filters or the unique BVC Clearflow filter which utilises several individual sock filters mounted on spring cores. Not only does this filter design significantly increase the filtration area (and thereby reduce the airspeed through the filter), the spring cores allow the socks to compress and decompress as they start to blind which assists in keeping the filters open.

Filters can be manufactured in several different materials including antistatic, ptfe coated and fire resistant. In addition the BVC Ti80 can be fitted with optional HEPA filtration to further increase the filter efficiency.


BVC Clearflow filter

Ti80 is available as an ATEX Zone 22 unit. This configuration uses ATEX rated motors and control equipment combined with anti-static and anti-spark features, filters, hoses and tools.

Using an ATEX rated machine is essential if the area of use is ATEX rated and/or the material to be recovered is an organic or other flammable material capable of causing an explosion under certain conditions.

Download and view our information sheet for Ti80
Download the operating manual for the standard Ti80 (non-ATEX)

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