BVC IV40D Classic 120 230v

Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner for Dry Use.

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The IV40D Classic 120 is based on the standard BVC IV40D Industrial Vacuum Cleaner which has been one of the most popular models in the BVC range for over 30 years.

This limited edition version is made available in traditional colours with a “British Racing Green” tank and with other parts in contrasting grey, complemented with a solid brass badge in the style of the original British Vacuum Cleaner Company logo.

Like all BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, IV40D Classic 120 is designed for long life in the toughest environments. Virtually all parts are manufactured from heavy gauge metal, with cast fittings and heavy duty wheels.

Spare parts and accessories are available from our Fareham HQ and factory, and of course, like all of our UK manufactured machines, we offer a 5 year parts warranty.

The IV40D Classic 120 is available as standard as a 230v machine with tank (bagless) collection.

Primary filtration is provided by a large, heavy duty, polyester needlefelt bag filter. Secondary filtration is provided by a cartridge HEPA filter.

Like all models in the IV40 range, the turbine has “bypass” air for cooling. This means that the cooling air is kept separate from the motive air used for cleaning. An “air reversal” feature allows the primary filter to be agitated to assist filter cleaning whilst in use. The main hose may also be connected to the air exhaust to provide blown air.

The IV40D Classic 120 version is packaged with the optional trolley, optional HEPA filter and is provided with the complete 38mm heavy duty standard tool kit.

The Vacuum Cleaner Company was formed in 1902 by Hubert Cecil Booth to exploit his patented innovation, the first mechanically-powered vacuum cleaner. The cleaning was offered as a service from a horse-drawn appliance parked outside the premises.

The following year the company was registered as the British Vacuum Cleaner Company. This advertisement dates from 1914 and illustrates the early relationship between Booth’s patented machines and the developing motor industry.

Since 2008, the BVC brand has been maintained by Quirepace Ltd, and we are proud to continue the quality traditions of UK Manufacturing.

We expect that this special IV40D Classic 120 version will find a home in many workshops and garages where we are sure it will provide long and reliable service.

Quirepace will be manufacturing this limited edition version in small batches throughout the remainder of 2022. We will be manufacturing a quantity for stock but please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.


Heavy duty bypass turbine with reverse air filter cleaning function
Metal inlet and hose fittings for long life.
provided with full tool kit