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Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners

These are machines manufactured by us in Fareham using proven designs. Part of our professional range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, these units are manufactured from primarily steel pressings and aluminium castings and incorporate thick sections throughout.

Engineered for durability over lightness the BVC Professional range is capable of rough treatment without damage and is ideal for factories, foundries, agricultural and construction/demolition uses; anywhere where a tough machine is required.

With a 5 year parts warranty and guaranteed spares availability, these machines deliver solid performance.

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  • BVC IV40D 230v

    BVC IV40D 230v

    Very heavy-duty for Dry use
  • BVC IV40D Classic 120 230v

    BVC IV40D Classic 120 230v

    Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner for Dry Use.
  • BVC IV40D 110v

    BVC IV40D 110v

    Very heavy-duty for Dry use