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Quirepace at the postal museum – 20-11-17

The Postal Museum is one of London's newest attractions. Quirepace were asked to recreate an early pneumatic tube system to demonstrate how pneumatic tube systems had been used to carry telegrams around London from around 1870 through to 1962. The system…

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New M Class Tower TS60M Industrial Vacuum 25-07-17

The Tower TS60 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is now available with M Class certification. The new TS60M has been rigorously tested against all aspects of the relevant standard BS EN 60335-2-69. M Class Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are designed for "Medium Hazard"…

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New Inverter Versions of Tower & Combi 20-07-17

The 2.2kW version of the IV60 Combi Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and the 2.2kW and 4kW versions of the Ti60 Centurion machine can now be supplied with 3 phase induction motors configured to run from single phase supplies using an inbuilt…

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Antibacterial Enhancements for Hospital Transportation 31-05-17

The Telelift Unicar Electric Track Vehicle (ETV) system introduces antibacterial enhancements for hospital applications. Unicar is the proven solution for payload distribution up to 15kg in Hospitals. Ideally suited for moving all samples, pharmacy products, small stores, medical records and…

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Hospital Tube System Developments 31-05-17

The Quirepace MINERVA Pneumatic Tube System designed specifically for Hospital and Healthcare installations has been recently enhanced with several new developments which reinforce Minerva's status as the leading PTS system in the UK. Space Saving Space is always at a…

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New Website for Telecom 17-03-17

Quirepace's partners and OEM suppliers for many components, Telecom Pneumatic Tube Systems, based in Zwijndrecht, Holland,  have recently introduced a new website describing their range of products and services. Telecom have 40+ years experience in designing and supplying Pneumatic Tube…

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BVC for Broccoli 01-03-17

BVC Exhausters and Blowers aren't just found in factories, they are used out in the fields too. Quirepace have recently supplied another batch of specially configured side channel exhauster units for use out in the fields on specialised rigs for…

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New “LAMSON” System for Industrial Applications 26-07-16

Quirepace have reintroduced a “Cabinet to Cabinet Pneumatic Tube System targeted directly at Industrial customers where lighter duty systems cannot provide a robust solution. Designated Lamson 75, 90 or 110 depending on tube size, the new systems combine steel send and…

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