M Class Vacuums for Construction Dust

Construction related processes whether on-site or in the workshop or factory create dusts which as a minimum usually require an M Class Vacuum Cleaner.

The Health & Safety Executive – HSE – has been drawing attention to the risks presented by Construction Dusts and has issued several relevant publications, for example Construction Dust Information Sheet No36



What is an “M Class” Vacuum Cleaner?

An M Class Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that has been designed to limit the risk of exposure to the operator of potentially hazardous dusts which over time may present a risk of occupational disease. Typically this will include dusts created by grinding, cutting and drilling activities and also machining e.g. wood, MDF and other materials used in construction processes. The user’s own risk assessments will indicate whether an M Class machine is suitable or whether the potential hazard is of high enough severity to warrant the use of a higher rated H Class or Type H unit.

M Class is not just about filtration, although M Class Industrial Vacuum Cleaners must have an essential filter system complying with a high standard; to be certified M Class the essential filter must be at least ISO30. As a minimum essential filters in BVC M Class vacuums are at least ISO35 H13 – HEPA filters.

In addition to good filtration, M Class machines must have a disposable bag system to allow dusts to be removed with minimal exposure to the users, and must provide an indicator to show when the airflow through the filters drops below a threshold beyond which the vacuum cleaner will not operate efficiently. The construction of the machine must comply with various tests all designed to help prevent exposure to recovered dusts, and the Vacuum Cleaner must be clearly labelled with its dust class.


Greenline 1-41M

The Greenline 1-41M is a compact M Class vacuum cleaner specifically designed for use on UK Construction Sites. Features include yellow β€œsite safe” arctic cable mains lead and high power 1500W power tool take off.


Greenline 1-50M

The Greenline 1-50M is an M Class industrial vacuum cleaner designed for more intensive site work. The large waste collection drum has a drop-down mechanism and its own casters for easy emptying. Yellow β€œsite safe” arctic cable lead and 1500W power take off make this an ideal solution


BVC TS60 Tower

The BVC TS60 Tower Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful (up to) 3kW machine which can optionally use the high performance BVC Clearflow system. The M Class version includes all the features of the standard machine with the added benefit of a microfibre dust bag collection system and M Class performance