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Clearflow Filter

The BVC Clearflow filter is a unique design that helps to eliminate filter blinding.

Filter blinding is when fine dust clogs the filter and reduces the efficiency. Without an efficient method of filter cleaning, this is inevitable after a short period of operation.

Clearflow is an automatic system designed by Quirepace for BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. It not only provides a method of keeping the filters clean and open, but also the innovative design using several filter socks significantly increases the overall filter area when compared with traditional filter designs.

As the vacuum cleaner is operated, the springs inside the filter socks vibrate up and down causing fine dusts to be continuously shaken off. No other filter cleaning system operates 100% of the time without requiring any additional mechanisms, power or shaking devices.

Clearflow can be installed in TS60, Ti60 and Ti80 as an alternative to standard filters for applications where fine dusts will be encountered. Clearflow is suitable for ATEX applications.

Clearflow filtration is available using different filter materials. In addition to the standard polyester needlefelt material, filters can be antistatic, PTFE coated, or manufactured from heat-resistant Nomex material. Our specialists can help you make an informed choice as to the best material for your application.

Why not contact us and ask for a Clearflow demonstration. Our sales team will be pleased to visit your premises and demonstrate why Clearflow is the most efficient filter system on the market. BVC – Innovation in Vacuum Technology.



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