BVC have completed the supply and installation of two Central Vacuum Cleaning/Bulk Removal Systems at a UK port. Product is imported, transferred to a plant by road transport where it is dispensed into a mechanical handling system which feeds a storage silo. Equipment on the silo outlet feeds the material into rail wagons for onward transportation to a UK power station.


An inclined conveyor gantry, approximately 240m long, moving the material from the intake enclosures to the storage silo. One system serves a lower section of the conveyor together with two lorry intake stations interconnecting 9 hose connection points fixed to a vacuum plant. A second system serving the upper section of the conveyor, including silo penthouse and platforms / plant beneath, interconnecting 11 hose connection points fixed to a vacuum plant.

Hose connection points allow for attaching hoses up to 15 metres in length, enabling vacuum cleaning and bulk spillage removal duties to be undertaken. The two vacuum cleaning/bulk removal plants are identical, each comprising a reverse jet filter separator which dispenses collected materials into a self tipping skip beneath, via a rotary valve, alongside at ground level is a positive displacement exhauster package in its own force draft ventilated acoustic enclosure.

Under the ATEX Directive the filter separator is classified Zone 20 internally provided with an explosion relief panel and the rotary valve provides an autonomous flame path barrier.

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