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Quirepace products are used throughout industry. Whatever the industry sector, the principal requirement is always the same; equipment that is robust, designed for the purpose it is intended to perform, reliable, and has accessible after-sales support. Below you will find an introduction to our ranges of products. Find out how we can help your business or organisation by contacting us today.


Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The BVC product range from Quirepace provides a solution for every Vacuum application throughout industry. BVC machines are extremely robustly built and offer true industrial quality.

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Centralised Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Fixed CVC installations provide high performance product recovery wherever it is required.  Each system is specifically designed for the particular application.

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Exhausters & Blowers

The BVC product range of exhausters and blowers combine performance and reliability. When high performance air is required, there is a BVC product that can provide the solution.

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Pneumatic Tube Systems

Pneumatic Tube Systems are the optimum transportation solution for all small payloads up to 5kg

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Automated Guided Vehicles

In collaboration with our partners, Quirepace offer a wide range of AGV solutions to Industry

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Electric Track Vehicles

Electric Track Vehicles provide both horizontal and vertical transport for payloads up to 40kg

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