2023 Linear Couplers - ETV Update

The MINERVA Linear Coupler continues to be the outstanding solution integrating Pneumatic Tube System networks across the larger Hospital sites. The earliest units are now around 20 years old, having handled in the order of a million carriers per year, and we are pleased that our NHS customers continue to recognise the efficiency and durability of this unique machine by placing orders with us for updates and replacements.

Operating as a carrier “server”, temporarily buffer storing carriers between sending and receiving systems, the MINERVA Linear Coupler reliably improves Pneumatic Tube System network efficiency.

As the older units reach end of life, Quirepace are able to quickly replace and update the Linear Coupler at the hub of the network, with minimal downtime, keeping the hospital operating as efficiently as possible. Our latest software and backup systems maintain and improve the excellent reliability of this critical equipment.

All Quirepace ATLAS and MINERVA equipment is backwards compatible, allowing us to update and refurbish aging networks, by only replacing with new those components which are end of life, allowing a phased approach to lifecycle replacements and upgrades.

As we enter 2023, Quirepace find ourselves with an excellent year behind us and a good order book ahead. Our Intralogistics solutions for NHS are not just confined to Pneumatic Tube; recently both NHS and external laboratory service providers have recognised the unique solution provided by our Unicar ETV system which, with a payload up to 15kg, has the capability to transport products which are not suitable for PTS.

As part of the reconfiguration of NHS Pathology services, Unicar has recently been chosen for a prestigious new central laboratory in London serving NHS hospitals and which will go live in 2024. This will use the new Unicar LabCar trolley which is able to carry up to 240 racked samples at a time.