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Unicar is a monorail conveyor system that runs on a low profile track and is ideally suited for Security, Commercial and Healthcare applications. The system transports horizontally, vertically, and horizontally overhead. The vehicles are equipped with forward and rear drive. The Unicar monorail system is designed for both simple and complex industrial applications

NHS Innovation

The NHS has created the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement to look at ways of introducing innovation into NHS operations. With consolidation of pathology services throughout the NHS, Unicar offers an opportunity to introduce NHS innovation, and in particular, innovation into NHS Pathology Services.

Already in operation at the NHS Hospital at Southmead, Bristol, Unicar offers a benefit to laboratory automation systems by providing a solution for sample transportation logistics within the larger Laboratory and Pathology building. Where robotic laboratories are being introduced, with the aspiration to reduce the manual processes required, Unicar offers solutions to integrate with analysers and other robotic laboratory equipment to fully automate the sample transportation process from “patient to analyser”


  • Horizontal to vertical transport without disruption
  • Horizontal and vertical buffering to compensate for fluctuations in production
  • Horizontal and vertical storage to save space
  • Horizontal and vertical loading and unloading stations
  • Rail switches for distribution of materials in multiple directions
  • Bidirectional transport with regulated speeds
  • Range of container sizes to suit the application.
  • Network-compatible, modular control

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