Wet Pick Up/ Pump out Vacuum Cleaners

Picking up wet waste presents particular challenges for Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, hence most of the BVC range of machines may be configured to handle either just dry or wet/dry products.

The standard model, which is suitable for wet or dry pick up, is fitted with a drain hose and stopper to facilitate quick liquid disposal. ‘Pump out’ models (for wet pick up use only) are fitted with a high quality stainless steel submersible pump which allows continuous collection and pump out – especially useful for flooded basements and tanks or where it is too far to push the unit to the water disposal point.

BVC specialist sales staff will be pleased to guide you through the different solutions available depending on the particular application

The BVC CV100 is a unique machine in the BVC range, ideally suited for e.g. flood clearance, tank emptying, flat roofing contractors. Configurable for wet/dry recovery or wet only; when configured for wet-only the suction motor is complemented with a submersible pump, and the machine can be used for simultaneous suction and pump-out discharge if required.