The Oak Processionary moth caterpillar poses a major health risk and Quirepace BVC, Britain’s leading industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer, has been working to reduce that risk.


The caterpillars are covered with thousands of tiny hairs which are extremely toxic causing skin rashes and breathing problems,Β the hairs break off easily and in their airborne state can present an even greater risk. The caterpillar colonies have become a serious problem particularly around London and the Home Counties where parks and woodland are extensively used as places of recreation. Although their preferred location is Oak woodland they can be found in Beech, Chestnut, Birch and Hazel so can be equally prevalent in urban areas.

To tackle the problem teams wearing complete chemical outfits remove the caterpillars using a BVC vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration.

One of the South East’s leading Arboriculturalists, who maintain the trees for a number of London Boroughs, Royal Parks and other organisations found BVC’s IV45 Type H vacuum cleaner ideal for the job. Β It provides ample power, removing the caterpillars whilst the high levels of filtration ensure the minute hairs are contained. A feature of the IV45 is that the filtered material is collected in a disposable bag fitted with a self-closing membrane at the inlet. Once the bag is removed it can be securely sealed enabling safe disposal.
BVC offer a complete range of industrial vacuum cleaners with exceptionally high levels of filtration.

Toxic Caterpillars