Quirepace at the postal museum - 20-11-17

The Postal MuseumΒ is one of London’s newest attractions. Quirepace were asked to recreate an early pneumatic tube system to demonstrate how pneumatic tube systems had been used to carry telegrams around London from around 1870 through to 1962.

The system Quirepace has created in collaboration with AivafΒ (who built the furniture and the display) replicates the operating principle of the earliest “rim and lid” twin-tube pneumatic system, with one tube for dispatch and one for receiving. However the exhibition system has been built with modern control and safety systems so that it can be easily operated by children without close supervision. Within the exhibition, visitors can write a letter and watch it being transported across the exhibition area.

London once had an extensive pneumatic post system with a network of telegraph offices stretching from Parliament to Leadenhall Street in The City. A comprehensive history can be found here. Quirepace took over the business that was originally incorporated as the Lamson Pneumatic Tube Company in 1899 and was the most prominent company in Pneumatic Tube Systems for the majority of the 20th Century. Today, Quirepace specialise in Pneumatic Tube Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Healthcare sectors, and also design and build innovative solutions for special applications.

The Postal Museum covers over five centuries of communication, and introduces the visitor to interesting history through many interactive exhibits, and is well worth a visit!