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Why Quirepace?

Quirepace have been manufacturing, supplying and installing Pneumatic Tube Systems since 1983, but our roots go far further into the past.

The Pneumatic Tube System division within Quirepace can trace its past right back to the earliest days of The Lamson Pneumatic Tube Company at the end of the 19th Century.  In recent times Quirepace has been, and remains at the forefront of Pneumatic Tube System technology and engineering.

Today, the products are driven by technology; the latest computer control systems have enabled Quirepace to deliver enormous networked installations, for example within some of our largest hospitals. Few people realise as they walk down the Tottenham Court Road, that under their feet carriers are whizzing across underground beneath the traffic carrying essential samples to hospital laboratories.

However, despite technology, we have not lost sight of the importance of our smaller and simpler installations. For example, a recent point-to-point installation moves chef’s orders between the office and butchery area for a prestigious meat supplier. Small installations like this, not only save our customers valuable time within their operation, but enhance Health & Safety by minimising personnel movements.

UCLH_1Pneumatic Tube Systems may be based on an old technology, but they remain the best and most cost effective option for moving small payloads quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Quirepace have the history, experience, capability, equipment and after sales service to ensure the product exactly matches the application, through which the desired requirements of the customer are realised and the appropriate returns on investment are achieved.

Quirepace – Innovation in Vacuum and Conveying Technology.

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