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Product Ranges

Quirepace offer a diverse range of different Pneumatic Tube Systems, which vary depending on the complexity of the tube distribution, the size and weight of the payload, the frequency of required transactions, the management and control features that are required, and many other contributory factors.

Although any model of equipment can be used within any industry sector, the different models of equipment are designed for intended use within particular industry sectors. For example, MINERVA systems are primarily designed for Healthcare applications, whereas Cashline systems are designed for Retail applications.

Our specialists can guide you towards the optimum solution for your application. The links below will guide you towards the most appropriate equipment for your application, or just contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

Industrial, Commercial and Retail

Systems for Industrial, Commercial and Retail applications are usually intended for a single task for which they must be designed and configured to meet the unique requirements of each application. For example, systems for Industry often have to be installed…

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Quirepace Pneumatic Tube Systems are used extensively in over 100 NHS Hospitals to transport Samples, Drugs, Prescriptions, Menu Cards, Patient Notes and many other payloads. The primary applications are for transporting Laboratory Specimens and Pharmaceutical Products. Although PTS have been…

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