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Big Machines with Big Performance, custom built for each application Manufactured here in the UK by Quirepace, the BVC Ti80 and Ti60 Centurion deliver longevity and performance wherever and whenever it is needed. Capable of handling the most difficult materials,…

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The Big Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with a Small Footprint Manufactured here in the UK by Quirepace, the BVC Tower TS60 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner delivers big performance with a highly manoeuverable design. With several different motor, filtration and hose options, the Tower TS60…

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The COMBI IV60 Vacuum Cleaner from BVC. The Medium Sized Industrial vacuum cleaner with some unique features. Combi is designed primarily for the collection of dust, lightweight solids, and hazardous or difficult materials. Induction motor versions of the COMBI IV60 are…

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Indy IV40 is a sturdy Industrial Vacuum Cleaner designed for light-medium duty applications in all industry sectors. Designed to be compact and manoeuvrable the Indy IV40 is available in several different specifications. All versions of IV40 are manufactured from heavy-duty…

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The BVC Greenline Range is a range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners aimed at the professional market. Designed to offer a perfect balance of price versus specification, there is a  BVC Greenline machine to meet most requirements in the medium duty…

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A range of Vacuums specifically designed for use in Workshop environments The ‘Woodwork’ range can be used for local extraction or cleaning in woodworking shops and the ‘SwarfVac’ range is ideally suited to cleaning down machine tools or sumps. The…

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For many applications an interceptor can be fitted between the collection hose and the BVC vacuum cleaner providing many substantial benefits. A much greater volume of material can be collected than just using the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner works…

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GETTING THE MOST OUT OF VACUUM Vacuum or air pressure generated by BVC units can be put to work in all sorts of ways to improve efficiency, save money or create a healthier, safer and better environment. Our sales engineers…

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