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Vacuum Cleaners for Industry

All BVC products are manufactured to serve the needs of “Industry”, and of course, demands are varied depending on the industry sector and particular application.

The BVC range includes a model for every conceivable application, and our specialists will guide you through the process of choosing the right options in order to deliver the best value for money and return on investment.

Most of the models in our ranges can be configured with different options. For example, heavy-duty 3 phase induction motors are the best choice for continuous operation year in year out, and many models can be specified in ATEX versions for explosive atmospheres. If the product to be recovered is hazardous, or wet, there is a BVC Vacuum Cleaner designed specifically for the application.

Choosing an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner isn’t just about power and performance; capacity, size and manoeuvrability are also important criteria to consider. The BVC range extends from 7 litres to 200 litre capacity, with the most powerful models being suitable for fixed-pipe installations


Centurion Range TI80 7.5-15kW 80 litre and TI60 – 4kW 60 litre

Heavy duty machine.
Robust & proven BVC built machine
Large capacity collection bin. Induction motors provide long motor life and 24 hour running if required

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Tower range 2 or 3 kW 60 litre (plus a battery version)

Heavy duty machine with ample power for almost any job. Small footprint with large wheels for easy manoeuvrability

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Combi range IV60 0.75 – 2.2 kW 60 Litre

Purpose built on a sturdy chassis with a huge variety of accessories and filtration options.  The Combi has the ability to supply negative pressure during bag removal.

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Indy range IV40 1kW 40 litre

A sensibly priced, robust machine with many features ideally suited to medium duty applications.

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Stainless range IV45, AV45 – 1.6kW or compressed air. 45 litre

A range of twin motor machines with 45 litre capacity, stainless steel canisters are a tough economical answer to general cleaning needs in a variety of light industrial applications.

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Workshop range CV and SV models

Ideally suited to workshop environments due to their large capacity and high volume airflow.

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