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Design & Build – Special Products

A major advantage of specifying a BVC Multistage unit is that it can be designed and built to your specifications in the UK, or we can modify a standard product if it provides a greater performance and cost benefit.

BVC have been designing and building exhauster / blower units for over 100 years. Our units are used to provide vacuum for the company’s range of industrial vacuum cleaning equipment and pneumatic tube systems. Because we use our own units we know what to expect – and we expect the best. The demanding applications to which we put them, means they need to be better engineered and better built. They also have to be tough enough to withstand the aggressive environments to which they are likely to be subjected.

We can design, build or modify units to meet your requirements.

Swarf Vacuum Cleaner System

Quirepace have developed a specialised swarf vacuum cleaner collection system designed to handle plastic and resin swarf recovery applications. Developed from demands from a customer with a particular problem to solve, the BVC Swarf Vacuum Collection System brings together several different elements…

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