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Exhausters & Blowers

You need to move some air? You’ve come to the right place!

The BVC range of blowers and vacuum pumps (exhausters) is comprehensive and includes units up to 20kW, so whatever your application we have a solution!

But, how do you know which is the right unit for you? This is where it becomes more difficult as different sizes and designs of blower and exhauster all have different performance characteristics. For example, for many applications, side-channel units are the preferred option as they tend to be relatively low in cost and are extremely reliable because of their straightforward design.

However, not every application is suitable for a side-channel unit, so for more difficult or demanding applications, Quirepace offer a range of multistage air blowers and vacuum pumps which can be supplied either bare-shaft, powered with electric motors or petrol driven derivatives.

Quirepace’s expertise is that we don’t just supply air blowers, vacuum pumps and exhausters – we build them! Whilst we are agents for a range of economically priced side-channel units, many of the air blowers and vacuum pumps we offer are manufactured by us in our factory in Fareham.

The BVC range of multistage exhausters and vacuum pumps has been developed over many years. Tried and tested designs deliver performance year after year; in fact, Quirepace are so sure that the BVC range of UK manufactured air blowers and vacuum pumps represent the best units available, we back this up with a 5 year parts warranty.

By all means, look at our product pages for more detailed technical information, but why not contact us today? Either fill in our contact form or give us a call.

Our specialist Sales Team for Exhausters and Blowers are John Barthorpe and Pete Haughey. They will be pleased to look at your application and talk through the options with you, explaining the benefits of different solutions.

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