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Electric Track Vehicles

Electric Track Vehicles (ETV) are autonomous units running on a monorail network.

ETV systems deliver several benefits when compared to alternative intra-logistic conveyor solutions. These include:-

  • The ability to operate both horizontally and vertically. When travelling vertically the vehicles engage with a rack and pinion system.
  • Because each vehicle is operated and controlled independently from other vehicles within a network conveyor environment, the transport service can be one-to-many, many-to-one, or indeed several-to-several. What this means is that each transport journey within the network can be directed to complete the exact task required.
  • Running on a monorail system that can accommodate both vertical and horizontal movement allows vehicles to present at low level for loading/unloading and then transfer to high level for inter-station travel. This keeps operational areas clear of logistics processes.
  • Operating as an “on demand” conveyor system within a network environment ensures that each transport is carried out as efficiently as possible.
  • Job allocation can be initiated either through HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) or via data from external controllers.

Electric Track Vehicle systems are available in two sizes. UNICAR is the monorail conveyor system used for applications with lighter weight payloads up to around 20kg.  MULTICAR is a larger system capable of transporting payloads up to 40kg. Both systems can be configured with various car systems, including conveyor platforms for transporting e.g. tote boxes.



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