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Manufacturing processes create both waste for disposal and material that can be recovered and reprocessed. Quirepace have installed several BVC Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems in manufacturing plants. This equipment provides an efficient and cost effective method of material recovery and cleaning.

Central Vacuum System for a Pipe Mill

Central Vacuum Cleaning System for Welding Slag Removal We have utilised our extensive experience in vacuum technologies to design a bespoke solution for a multi-national steel pipe manufacturing company. The primary function of the system was to reduce the amount…

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A Flexible Friend

A few years ago we completed a vacuum installation for a credit/store card manufacturer. Cards each have an area on them where the chip is housed and it is this recess in the plastic card which has to be milled…

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Vehicle Production Auto-Cleaning

Quirepace Limited have recently supplied 5 of their BVC model Centurion Ti80 industrial vacuum cleaning machines to an international car manufacturer. These are to be employed on their production line for cleaning car bodies using robotic technology for the removal…

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Minerals Clean Up

Minerals Clean Up BVC has handed over a Central Vacuum Cleaning/Bulk Removal System for a Minerals Processing Company, serving a number of floors for removal of calcium carbonate granules (up to 40mm) and powders. To maintain and manage a clean…

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Weld Slag Removed

Market leaders, employing vacuum technologies in bespoke applications. BVC have installed a size reduction and negative pressure lean phase handling system for a multi-national tube manufacturing company. The primary function of the system was to reduce the amount of waste…

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Two For One

BVC completed a project for a Float Glass manufacturer, supplying and installing two pipe work systems connected separately to one of the company’s industrial vacuum cleaning machines. This system serves the Glass Coater Line and has been designed for 3…

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Gypsum Clean Up

BVC have completed a central vacuum cleaning/bulk removal system for a gypsum producer within their UK factory. The installed system allows for 2 operators using 51 mm bore hoses and tools to carry out heavy industrial vacuum cleaning operations, or…

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No Compromise on Health & Safety at Cement Works

A Cement works, which imports and distributes cement in large quantities, decided to improve the working environment of their bagging plant and warehouse, while at the same time complying with health & safety requirements. The brief was to provide a…

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