BVC CV7 Cylinder Vacuum

The BVC CV7 Cylinder Vacuum is a derivative of traditional design, reconfigured for new applications.

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BVC CV7 is available in several configurations. For hazardous dust collection a HEPA version is available offering three-stage filtration with H14 HEPA filter making it suitable for demanding applications where filter performance is required in a small convenient package. This is provided with DOP Test certification confirming the filter efficiency.

BVC CV7 uses a 750w (600w @ 110v) turbine which has been carefully configured to run as quietly as possible. CV7 operates at just 66dB(A)



Providing 3-stage HEPA filtration in a compact modular unit enables CV7 to be easily incorporated as an OEM component into other devices and machines. The steel body is easily modified with supports and brackets, and the end-opening access to the filters and motor enables easy servicing.

The 3-stage filtration consists of a HEPA H14 cartridge, a large cloth filter bag, and a disposable paper bag filter. The design of CV7 means that it is possible to seal and/or remove the paper filter bag with the turbine running thereby maintaining suction and ensuring that minimal dust is released during bag change.

BVC CV7 finds applications wherever a compact, quiet, vacuum cleaner module is required; particularly where hazardous dust is present and a HEPA unit with appropriate DOP test certification is needed. CV7 can be configured with hose connections at either end, so can serve as both a vacuum and blower unit. Applications include medical vacuums, glovebox dust extraction, and capture at source cleaning applications as part of a larger machine.

Of course, CV7 can also be used as a traditional vacuum cleaner, provided with a range of hoses and tools to suit domestic and commercial use.

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Key Features
  • Compact design with a small footprint
  • Multistage filtration
  • HEPA Filter
  • Wide range of hoses and tools available
  • 110v or 230v operation
  • quiet in operation
  • Customisable as an OEM component
BVC CV7H Instruction Manual

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