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M Class Vacuum Cleaners

BVC M-Class Vacuum Cleaners are designed to deliver the performance demanded on construction sites.

The HSE requires that all vacuum cleaners used for potentially hazardous dusts, which includes most drilling, grinding and machining processes, be certified to M Class standard.

In addition to the requirements demanded by legislation, such as HEPA filtration and filter-clog warning indicators, BVC M Class machines incorporate high-power tool take-off sockets with appropriately rated cables and plugs, and use yellow Arctic grade cables making them more visible and mitigating trip hazards.

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  • BVC Greenline 1-50M 110v

    BVC Greenline 1-50M 110v

    50 litre M-Class Industrial Vacuum
  • BVC Greenline 1-41M 110v

    BVC Greenline 1-41M 110v

    41 litre M-Class Industrial Vacuum