We were asked to design and install six central vacuum cleaning/bulk removal systems for one of the largest biomass projects in a UK power station conversion.


The systems were designed to cover the whole of the projects mechanical handling / storage / out-loading system, including rail reception, screen house, conveyor gantries, dome loading/ out-loading, transfer towers and onward to processing silos.

Each system is sized for two operators using 76 mm bore hoses/tools carrying out bulk removal duties, or 4 operators using 51 mm hoses/tools for general heavy duty cleaning.

There are hose connection points within the fixed pipe work attached to a filter separator where the product is separated from the conveying air with the air passing on to the 45 kW exhauster package. Products are then dispensed via a rotary valve into a screen for separation, the solids being sent one way and the dusts into a pneumatic conveying system.

Due to the potentially explosive characteristic of the product, a filter separator is provided with an explosion rupture panel and the rotary valve provides a flame path barrier.
In total the systems comprise of 170 hose connection points over 2.9 kilometres of pipe work.


Biomass Cleaning Project