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For many applications an interceptor can be fitted between the collection hose and the BVC vacuum cleaner providing many substantial benefits.

A much greater volume of material can be collected than just using the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner works more efficiently because the collected material is separated from the airflow maintaining a cleaner filter, unrestricted airflow and more efficient pick up.


  • Higher filtration standards (Type H).
  • Collection of liquids with a dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Collection into plastic sacks.
  • ATEX certified units.
  • A wide range of standard capacities from 7 to 205 litres. (Vacuum Skips to 1,500 litres)
  • Oil Drum Heads to turn a standard 205 litre drum into a vacuum interceptor / collection tank.


Small Stainless Steel interceptor powered by one of our smaller vacuum cleaners

Small heavy duty interceptors

Oil drum head to convert an open topped drum into an interceptor


Self tipping vacuum skip from 300 litres to 1,500 litres capacity as standard (also available as ATEX versions)

Stainless Steel ATEX approved versions.

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