Intelligent Cabinet

The Intelligent Cabinet records every item that is stored and withdrawn using RFID technology

Working either as a single unit, or in conjunction with TITAN Uniform Dispensing Systems, the Intelligent Cabinet provides a means of controlling the stock of sterile packs, uniforms, items of PPE and any other item to which an RFID transponder can be attached.

Like the TITAN Dispensing and Recovery Units, the Intelligent Cabinet can be connected via Ethernet to the Central TITAN Management System. To access the cabinet a user must present their swipe or proximity card (or the unit can use fingerprint recognition technology) to unlock the doors. Once the user has withdrawn whatever they need, and have shut the doors, the Intelligent Cabinet reads the RFID tag of every item remaining within and updates both the overall stock level and the credits for that user.

When items are loaded or returned into the cabinet, again the stock level is adjusted within the central database. In this way, not only does the Intelligent Cabinet provide inventory management, it also provides a means of integrating with ordering systems to ensure that the stock of items is updated and re-ordered in a timely manner to ensure items are always available when needed. Of course, careful stock control also minimises loss and waste.




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