Greenline 2-90WD is a powerful Wet and Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with 2470mm of water lift suction and a big 90 litre tank. 2 separate 1.2kW 2 stage turbines deliver 2400W of power.

Large wheels and an ergonomic trolley handle aid maneuverability. The tank is fitted with a drain hose for easy emptying, and the hose connection fitted with an interlock to prevent the hose pulling out inadvertently.

Like all Greenline Vacuum Cleaners 2-90WD has an integrated head seal manufactured from a durable polymer, and the tank catches are manufactured from a special flexible plastic and are virtually unbreakable.


  • Generous 90 litre tough plastic tank
  • Powerful 2.0kW – 2.4kW 2×2-stage turbines
  • 2470 mmH2O Vacuum 210 m3/hr Flow
  • Integrated float seal and antifoam system
  • Integrated drain hose.
  • Individually switched motors for 2-stage power level
  • 2.5m x 38mm hose with retainer


The included sanifilter and integrated float seal and anti-foam device ensure that the Greenline 2-90WD is immediately ready for tough cleaning jobs. The extra strong tank is fitted with an integrated drain hose to allow easy emptying.


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